We Are Lovat – Song to commemorate Camanachd Cup 2015

This song has been written and recorded by Graham Bell, sung by David (Bud) MacKenzie. The song can be downloaded by clicking on this link:  We are Lovat


We Are Lovat 

In fifty three they hit the heights

The famous trophy was in their sights

They made the journey of sixty miles

Down to the Fort to meet the mighty Kyles

And on that day Lovat made the grade

With grit and passion and fire they played

In blood and sweat they wrote their names

They were the heroes who lit the flame


We are Lovat 

On the shoulders of giants we stand 

We are Lovat 

Our name is legend throughout the land 


With more than sixty years gone by

A second chance for that cup drew nigh

On the turf of Mossfield the task was plain

The mighty Kyles to face again

The game began at a frantic pace

And right away Kyles were on our case

Then Lovat countered and the die was cast

This would be a battle to the last

The blues attacked with speed and skill

But Lovat followed their defensive drill

And though the shots came hard and fast

The keeper’s performance was a masterclass

Time and again he made the saves

To break Kyles hearts on that famous day

Then from a half chance in our time of need

Our own full forward put us in the lead


After the break as you’d expect

Kyles came back fearsome and direct

And then the goal that shook us to the core

To put the game back to level score

And so the battle carried on and on

Though we all knew it was far from done

But then a goal from that self-same man

Put joy in the heart of every Lovat Fan

As Lovat held on for a famous win

Disheartened Kyles took it on the chin

And for this team who lost so well

History repeats itself

And thus the heroes of twenty fifteen

Closed the gap on all the years between

Their names will live for all to see

Up there with the heroes of fifty three